Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple cake sponge using ragi flour

Hello All,

And I am back, with yet another relatively healthy recipe :) As my son is fond of cakes I bake, I try to eliminate as as possible of harmful chemicals and incorporate healthier ingredients. None of my cakes use maida (refined wheat flour) or butter. I have been using multigrain flour for the cakes and trying them with healthier flours was the natural next step......

So, here is my recipe for a healthy ragi flour cake.


4 medium size eggs
150 gms sugar (I add them using my 75 g measuring spoon), powdered to facilitate easy mixing
75 g multigrain flour
75 g ragi flour (finger millet)
25 ml cooking oil
1 tsp flavour (optional). You can use vanilla/almond/pista, I used butterscotch
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 pinch salt


Take the sugar in a mixer jar

Grind the sugar until it reaches a fine powder consistency. Alternatively, you can use powdered sugar or very fine grain castor sugar

Break the eggs in a bowl. The bowl should be about 3 times the volume your cake batter will become, for easy mixing

Whip the eggs with a blender until it looks uniform

Add the powdered sugar in small lots

Mix the sugar in until the mixture begins to become a smooth white paste

On pulling the blender blades out, you'll see such 'threads' forming.

Add the cooking oil to the batter

Add a small pinch of salt

Beat until a smooth batter results

In a vessel, take 75 g multigrain flour

Add 75 g ragi flour to the multigrain flour

1 tbsp of baking powder (I use Weikfield Baking Powder)

And then, a tsp of baking soda

Add the butterscotch essence to the batter
Add the 'flour mix' in small lots to the batter and blend

This is how the batter starts appearing. At this stage, start the over heating. I set mine to 180 degrees celsius

Grease your baking vessel (I am using the silicone mould but you can grease whatever baking vessel you have)

Ad tutti frutti (optional) or chopped cashews or almonds to the batter and fold them in

Pour the batter into the baking vessel and allow to bake until a skewer in the center comes off clean

Your healthy and tasty ragi cake is ready to be dug into :)

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