Friday, April 4, 2014

Leftover Bread to Good Use - Spicy Bread Pudding

Hello All,

Sometimes, you just don't want to eat that slightly stale bread, right? How about putting them to good use in the form of a spicy pudding, with vegetables and eggs thrown in? Complete nutrition, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and well...........yummy too! For the non-veggies, boiled chicken pieces can make a great addition too. This recipe is not really my own. It's my take on the one invented by Payal Upreti. :)

So, here is the photo tutorial (I agree, they aren't great pictures but I guess, they will serve the purpose).....

You'll need vegetables of your choice. I always throw in some olives and jalapenos as they are a favourite in the house :) Seen here are coarsely chopped capsicum (half is enough), sweet corn, sliced tomatoes, chopped green chillies and sliced onions

You'll need leftover bread and 6 eggs (this is for 4 servings, so, about an egg and a half per person).

Get everything together. Break eggs in a bowl and add your choice of spices. Mine are salt, Peri-peri and Pizza Seasoning (a universal choice for anything spicy). Cut the bread into smaller pieces to be able to put them in the baking dish better packed. I add aluminium foil to the base so that the pudding can come off clean after baking. It's purely optional. 

Layer the base of the tin with bread pieces

Next come tomatoes (try to keep the juicier slices of tomatoes at the base as juicy slices on top can make the bread soggy before it starts baking, leading to a gooey pudding).

Next some capsicum, onion and sweet corn. Make your own order of layers or just randomly arrange.....

In my pudding, olives and jalapenos always make it to the top! :D But you can try your own combinations....

Now, pour the egg mix from top. Do it slowly as it trickles down into the layers slowly. Pour evenly all over the layers.....

Bake at 170 degrees for about 45 mins or till you start seeing a uniform white all over and the vegetables on top have a nice roasted look.

Serve hot with your choice of sauces. Mine have forever been Habanero (by Tabasco) and Barbecue sauces :)

Happy Cooking :)